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Frequently Asked Questions

My CoolMed product is broken or faulty - what should I do?

Please check the Troubleshooting Guide on our website first, then if further assistance is required, please call +44 161 772 5666 and ask for technical assistance.

I need a spare part for my CoolMed appliance - how do I obtain this?

Please call +44 161 772 5666 or email and we will be pleased to help you with this.

How do I get hold of a CoolMed brochure?

The easiest and quickest way to get all the information on the CoolMed range is to go onto our website, where you will find photos, lists of features and full specifications for each model.

Where can I find a User Manual for my product?

The user manual for all our products can be found on the website.   This is in PDF format and can be easily downloaded and printed.  If you have any query about the information within the manual or any other questions about operating the appliance, please call +44 161 772 5666 and we will be pleased to help you.

What is the warranty offered with my CoolMed appliance?

Every CoolMed appliance comes with a 1-year standard manufacturer's warranty (parts and labour).

I am looking to purchase multiple products and would like to open an account with CoolMed - how do I arrange this?

Please contact us on +44 161 772 5666 or email

How do I set the temperature?

The products are pre-set to +5°C.  Please check the user manual with your product or view/download the manual copy on the website.

What does the temperature probe do?

The temperature probe represents and monitors the actual temperature of the drugs within the appliance.  It stabilises and maintains the internal fridge temperature, even when the door is opened, to protect temperature-sensitive products.

The product is flashing and beeping when I switch it on - is this correct?

When the product is first switched on, after approximately 5 minutes, the fridge will start beeping and display the code HP2 until the fridge reaches +9°C.   It will then stop beeping and displaying the HP2 code and continue cooling down to the pre-set temperature of +5°C.