Calibration Service

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Our calibration service is provided by Seal Calibration and includes the following:

  • Check on suitability of fridge for intended purpose and location in appropriate place with sufficient air flow
  • Calibration of internal and external fridge thermometers, with adjustments made where necessary
  • Adjustment of fridge thermostat to set point between +2° and +8°C
  • Check and removal of any build-up of ice
  • Cleaning and maintenance of compressor/condenser parts
  • Full electrical safety test
  • Certification provided to ISO 9001:2008 and UKAS Management Systems
  • Engineer attending site.
  • 6 Probe temperature mapping calibration.
  • Staff advice on fridge maintenance and use of controls.
  • Calibration certificate issued.


We recommend your vaccine refrigerator is fully serviced at least annually in addition to the calibration of the temperature gage.

Medical fridges are recommended to be calibrated annually to ensure you are getting the best use out of it and continue the smooth running of your fridge.

We offer an easy solution to medical fridge calibration, you can simply choose your calibration plan once choosing your fridge or get in contact. It’s that easy!

CoolMed’s calibration service has always been a top priority for us, that is why we partner with the top manufacturer trained EBME engineers with a wealth of experience to help with your calibration needs. These engineers are also safe contractor approved and DBS checked.

Thanks to todays technology, calibration of your medical fridge can be a straight forward experience, and our partners cover all areas that ensure your fridges continue to run smoothly.

During the calibration, the disruption to your busy schedule is minial as our partners are use to working in busy environments, such as GP surgeries. State of the art UKAS equipment is always used to provide the best service and accurate readings when calibrating all of CoolMed’s refrigerators.

The fully qualified engineers use the latest equiptment to ensure your medical fridges equitment is tested and calibrated to the best quality specification you can get.

It is important to get your medical fridge calibrated annually to ensure the temperatures are controlled in order to keep your products stored safely and at the right temperature.

The NHS Green Book 2013 establishes that in order to store medicines/vaccines in your medical fridge, the temperature must be between 2’C and 8’C.

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