Medical Fridges

A medical refrigerator is specifically made to uphold a specific temperature range, guaranteeing the correct storage conditions for medications and vaccines that need to be kept cool. We understand the importance of having reliable and high-quality storage solutions to keep your healthcare products safe. That’s why we offer an extensive range of medical fridges to meet your needs, whether you need a compact medical refrigerator to store vaccines or something bigger for pharmacy products.

What roles do medical fridges play in healthcare?

Promoting patient safety: Medical fridges play an important role in ensuring the safety of patients. Inadequate storage can compromise the effectiveness of medications and vaccines, posing risks to patients. Medical fridges maintain the perfect temperature for the safe storage of these critical medical products.

Compliance with regulations: Adherence to regulations is imperative in healthcare, especially when storing medications and vaccines. Medical fridges play a pivotal role in helping healthcare facilities meet stringent storage requirements, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Cost savings: The improper storage of medications and vaccines can lead to spoilage and unnecessary costs for healthcare facilities. Medical fridges act as a cost-effective solution by preventing waste, reducing the need for replacements, and contributing to cost savings.

Improved patient outcomes: Medications and vaccines stored under optimal conditions are more effective in treating patients, leading to better outcomes and potentially faster recovery times. As such, the conscientious use of medical fridges becomes integral to elevating the quality of patient care.

Key features of CoolMed medical refrigerators

Precise temperature management: CoolMed medical fridges use precise temperature controls to maintain a regulated environment for pharmaceuticals. Temperature alarms are installed to alert staff if the temperature moves beyond the predetermined range or if a door is left open.

Digital temperature monitoring: Crystal-clear digital displays facilitate effortless monitoring and adjustment of temperatures within our medicine fridges.

Secure locking mechanisms: All our medical fridges are lockable to control access to sensitive pharmaceuticals. 

Enhanced interior visibility: Interior LED lighting enhances visibility and makes it easy to retrieve medications, especially in environments with low light.

Adherence to quality standards: We offer an annual calibration and service agreement for all our fridges to ensure peak performance. Additionally, our pharmacy refrigerators incorporate a secondary data logger, ensuring reliable and accurate recording of performance data.

Frequently asked questions:

What routine maintenance is required for medical fridges?

Routine maintenance for medication storage refrigerators includes regular cleaning, calibration checks, and inspections of temperature monitoring systems. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and schedule preventive maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. We offer an annual calibration and service agreement for all our fridges to ensure peak performance.

Are CoolMed medical fridges covered by warranty?

Every CoolMed appliance comes with a 1-year standard manufacturer’s warranty (parts and labour). Our standard warranty for medical fridges includes 5 years of coverage for both parts and labour. Additionally, we can also provide an extra 2-year warranty for just £99.

Can medical fridges be used for research and laboratory applications?

Yes, medical fridges are suitable for research and laboratory applications where precise temperature control is crucial. They can be used to store reagents, samples, and other temperature-sensitive materials in a controlled environment. CoolMed medical fridges feature a temperature range between +2oC – +8oC.

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