Laboratory Fridges And Freezers

Both our laboratory fridges and freezers have been designed specifically to make the storage of important samples easier and safer.

Whether you are storing specimens, live cultures or laboratory preparations for later use, our laboratory fridges and freezers are built to store any of your samples in an optimal and reliable environment. We stock a range of sizes to meet the needs of your laboratory from small, compact lab refrigerators that can fit under desks to large freezers ideal for bigger labs.


Why are laboratory fridges & freezers important?

Preservation of samples: Laboratory fridges and freezers provide a controlled environment with specific temperature ranges. This helps to preserve the integrity and viability of sensitive samples or perishables like medications and chemicals, which is essential for maintaining the accuracy of experiments and analyses.

Temperature stability: Many experiments and processes in laboratories require precise and stable temperatures. Laboratory fridges and freezers ensure that temperature fluctuations are minimised, preventing any adverse effects on the stored materials.

Compliance with regulatory standards: Laboratories often handle materials that are subject to specific regulations regarding storage conditions. Using dedicated lab fridges and freezers helps laboratories comply with these standards, ensuring the quality and safety of their work.

Prevention of contamination: Controlled temperature environments provided by these appliances help prevent contamination and maintain the purity of samples. This is particularly crucial in fields such as microbiology and molecular biology, where changes in the environment can compromise the results of experiments.

Safety: Some laboratory materials can be hazardous if not stored correctly. Specialised fridges and freezers equipped with safety features help ensure the secure storage of potentially dangerous substances, protecting researchers and the surrounding environment.


Key features of lab fridges & freezers

Precise temperature management: CoolMed lab fridges and freezers use precise temperature controls and monitoring systems to maintain a regulated environment. Temperature alarms are installed to alert laboratory staff if the temperature moves beyond the predetermined range or if a door is left open.

Digital temperature monitoring: Crystal-clear digital displays facilitate effortless monitoring and adjustment of temperatures within our lab refrigerators.

Secure locking mechanisms: All our laboratory freezers and fridges are lockable using two key locking systems to control access to sensitive samples, medications and chemicals.

Enhanced interior visibility: Interior LED lighting enhances visibility, making it easier to retrieve samples even in environments with low light.

Adherence to quality standards: We offer an annual calibration and service agreement for all our lab fridges and freezers to ensure peak performance. Additionally, our products incorporate a secondary data logger, ensuring reliable and accurate recording of performance data.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I invest in a dedicated laboratory fridge or freezer instead of using standard household units?

Laboratory fridges and freezers are designed to meet the specific temperature and storage requirements of sensitive materials used in scientific research. They offer precise temperature control and often come with safety features that are crucial for maintaining the integrity of laboratory samples.

What temperature range do laboratory fridges and freezers typically offer?

The temperature range for a lab fridge is between +4°C to +8°C for refrigerators and -30°C to -80°C for freezers. 

Can I use a laboratory freezer for storing biological samples?

Absolutely. Laboratory freezers are specifically designed for storing biological samples, providing ultra-low temperatures necessary for preserving the integrity of DNA, RNA, and other biological materials.

Are these laboratory fridges and freezers energy-efficient?

Yes, modern laboratory fridges and freezers are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They often feature advanced insulation, compressors, and temperature control systems to minimise energy consumption while maintaining optimal storage conditions.

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