Large Medical Fridges

In the healthcare sector, the reliable storage of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies is vital for treating patients. For clinics or surgeries with heavy footfall, large medical fridges are an indispensable asset. They ensure there is enough medical storage on hand to treat a bigger patient group and avoid the delivery costs of more frequent restocking. 

CoolMed’s large medical fridges also incorporate stand-out features to help you monitor your supplies, avoid waste and concentrate on your patients.


Why choose CoolMed?

  • Closely involved in the manufacture and quality assurance of our products
  • Offering a varied product range, with many fridges ready for next-day delivery
  • Disposal service available for your existing medical fridges
  • 5-year warranty included with all products and extendable by up to 10 years


Key features of large medical fridges

All our large medical fridges come packed with features to promote the safe storage of your medical supplies:

Accurate temperature control: The iCool temperature probe monitors and stabilises the interior temperature of your fridge. Built-in temperature alarms promptly alert personnel if the fridge’s temperature surpasses the cold-chain range or if a door is left open.

Digital temperature monitoring: Exterior monitoring systems provide clear temperature displays, ensuring easy monitoring and adjustment of temperature settings.

Dual locking mechanisms: Each of our large medical refrigerators incorporates key lock for additional security and peace of mind.

Clear interior visibility: Interior LED lights make it easy to see medical supplies at a glance and retrieve them, even in low light.

Adherence with quality standards: Yearly calibration and service agreements are offered with all medical refrigerators. Fridges are also equipped with a secondary data logger to ensure accurate performance data records.

Environmentally conscious refrigerant: Eco-friendly R600a refrigerant keeps medical supplies cool without compromising sustainably


Large medical fridge warranty

Our large medical fridges come with a 5-year warranty that can be extended for your peace of mind.

  • 5-year warranty– can be extended to a 6-year warranty for £99
  • 5-year warranty– can be extended to an 8-year warranty for £281.99 (5% Discount)
  • 5-year warranty– can be extended to a 10-year warranty for £445.99 (10% Discount)


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do medical fridges contribute to infection control in healthcare settings?

CoolMed large medical fridges feature antimicrobial surfaces (made from aluminium and plastic) and easy-to-clean designs. This helps maintain a hygienic storage environment for medical supplies.

Do CoolMed medical fridges require specialised installation and maintenance procedures?

Our fridges are designed to be quick and easy to install, simply let the unit stand for a few hours then plug in and go. 

How do CoolMed medical fridges support the organisation and accessibility of medical supplies?

Our large medical fridges often come with adjustable shelving so you can organise your supplies to cater to their size and your process for retrieval. This contributes to efficient inventory management.

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