Doctor’s Surgery Fridges

Medical fridges for doctor's surgeries

The local doctor’s surgery is at the forefront of medical care in the community. This means that medical supplies, including medicines and vaccinations, need to be stored correctly in order to keep the community healthy and safe.

Medical fridges within doctor’s surgeries are also required to store patient samples that require testing or preserving.

The majority of vaccines and a range of medicines including insulins, antibiotic liquids and eye drops, must be stored within the cold chain (+2ºC and +8ºC) to maintain their potency. Drugs and vaccines that fluctuate outside this temperature range can become spoiled, leading to monetary loss and putting patient healthcare at risk. Only specially designed medical fridges can ensure a temperature of +2°C to +8°C is accurately maintained. 

The features & benefits of CoolMed fridges:

All our medical fridges come packed with specially designed features to enable the safe storage of medicines, vaccines and other temperature-critical products. These include: 

  • iCool built-in temperature probe that accurately monitors and stabilises drug temperatures
  • External digital controller and temperature display with battery back-up
  • 24/7 automatic temperature data logging with min/max temperature recording and display
  • Audible and visual temperature alarms as well as power failure and door open alarms
  • LED energy-efficient inside lighting
  • Lockable fridge doors with 2 keys 
  • R600a environmentally-friendly refrigerant

Why choose CoolMed?

Unlike other medical fridge suppliers, we’re involved in the manufacturing process of our fridges, which means that we quality-check each fridge at multiple points during the development process. This is why we’re so confident in the capabilities of our fridges and offer a 5-year warranty.

The majority of our products are available for next day delivery, so we can help out in emergency situations and prevent products from becoming spoiled.

Also, if you are looking to replace your existing medical fridge, we can take away your old fridge for a small fee, saving you time and effort in making other arrangements. 

We work with doctor's surgeries across the UK, why not partner with us?

Browse the CoolMed doctor's surgery fridge range:

We stock a great range of doctor’s surgery refrigerators including solid door and glass door varieties, as well as a choice of different sizes. 

So, regardless of your requirements and budget, we are certain one of the doctor’s fridges we stock will perfectly match your needs.