EL-WiFi-VAC Vaccine Monitoring Kit

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–        WiFi datalogger with external thermistor probe in a glycol bottle, mimicking a vaccine

–        Temperature measurement range -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F)

–        Wireless streaming and viewing temperature data on EasyLog Cloud, App or PC

–        Easy sensor set-up using free PC software application

–        Configurable high and low alarms with indicator

–        Sensor memory stores all data even when WiFi is disconnected

–        Calibration certificate available on request (at 2° and 8°C)

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The EL-WiFi-Vac vaccine monitoring kit measures the temperature of a probe sunk into a glycol bottle, designed to mimic vaccine samples.  Data from the probe is streamed wirelessly over any compatible WiFi network and can be viewed on a PC (using software free for 45 days) or via the EasyLog Cloud or App on a mobile phone.   In typical usage, the probe is placed next to the vaccines within the fridge and the ribbon cable fed out to the logging device, which is attached to the outside of the fridge with a magnet.  The cable is deliberately thin, so as not to interfere with the door seal.  If the sensor temporarily loses connectivity with the network, it will log and save readings until it is able to communicate again with the PC application or EasyLog Cloud (max 30 days at 10 second sample interval).  The product is supplied with the bracket, probe and USB cable.  The USB mains power adapter can be purchased separately.

EasyLog Cloud details:

–        Stores and logs your records securely

–        Can connect multiple users

–        Can connect data loggers from multiple sites into one account

–        Easy access at any time and anywhere

–        Remote managing of data logging

–        Flexible advance notifications

–        Review and analyse data with graphing functionality

–        Detailed event log

–        Requires Windows 7, 8.1 or 10

The battery is rechargeable (unit must be between 0-40°C) via PC, +5V wall adapter or portable USB battery pack, using the USB cable provided.  It can also be permanently powered by USB wall adapter or battery pack.   Readings may be affected while the battery is charging, but will return to normal once charged and continued connection of the charger will have no effect.

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