A Complete Guide: Refrigeration for Different Industries

At CoolMed we specialise in supplying the healthcare sector with medical-grade refrigerators. We’ve put together this complete guide to refrigeration for all healthcare sectors, whether you’re a dental nurse, a neurosurgeon or a veterinary practitioner, this guide will help you find the perfect medical-grade refrigerator for your practice…

Doctors’ Surgeries

It’s imperative that doctors’ surgeries store vaccinations and other medical supplies correctly to ensure the safety of their local community.

To guarantee that vaccinations are effective when administered, they should always be stored at the correct temperature (usually between 2°C and 8°C) prior to being dispensed. To do this, a medical-grade refrigerator should be used as commercial fridges cannot offer this assurance.

CoolMed refrigerators ensure accurate temperature control and guarantee that critical supplies are kept in a safe and stable condition. Our refrigerators are available in a range of different sizes to suit doctors’ surgeries of any size.

Typically, doctors’ surgeries store medications in under-counter fridges. CoolMed’s under-counter fridges start at £899.99 +VAT. All our fridges are lockable and offer highly efficient temperature control and measuring.

Dental Surgeries

As well as doctors’ surgeries, medical fridges are also an essential piece of equipment in dental practices.

Dentists are often required to carry out oral medical emergencies and, therefore, they will have certain vaccines and medications on-site that require refrigeration.

To stop any vaccines or medications from spoiling, a medical grade refrigerator should be used to store them. CoolMed fridges offer 24/7 temperature logging and precise temperature control to ensure that all contents are kept at their optimum temperature.

Here at CoolMed we stock a great range of dental surgery refrigerators, including solid door and glass door varieties, as well as a choice of different sizes. 

So, regardless of your requirements and budget, we are certain one of the dental fridges we stock will perfectly match your needs.

Veterinary Surgeries

Just like humans, animals sometimes require medical care too, therefore, veterinary surgeries are required to carry certain medicines and vaccinations.

Commercial refrigerators do not properly regulate the temperature of their contents and so medical supplies, whether they’re for humans or animals, should always be stored in a medical-grade refrigerator.

Our fridges offer highly accurate temperature control as well as additional features such as alarms and locks to ensure their contents are always stored safely.

Most veterinary practices store medications and vaccines in medium-sized fridges that fit beneath a worktop. Our medium-sized medical fridges start at £899.99 +VAT and despite their compact design, they offer ample storage space with movable shelves. Smaller and larger fridges are also available.

Cosmetic Practices

Demand for cosmetic injections continues to increase year-on-year, and as demand increases, it’s critical that the injections for these procedures are stored correctly.

Botox and dermal fillers, for example, should be stored in dedicated medical fridges that are purpose-built for the safe storage of cosmetic procedure products. Botox should be stored between 2°C and 8°C and only specialist medical fridges can guarantee this.

CoolMed refrigerators use state-of-the-art thermometers to measure the temperature of cosmetic products, as well as the air inside the refrigerator unit. Each of our fridges also comes with 2 keys to ensure contents are kept safe and secure.

Most cosmetic surgery practices only require small fridges that are designed to fit into compact spaces. CoolMed’s small medical fridges start at £449.99 +VAT. Larger fridges are also available.


Pharmacies are a lifeline within any community and so it’s essential that pharmacies keep products safe and secure until they’re dispensed. This is why medical-grade refrigerators are a must-have within pharmacies.

Commercial fridges do not offer stringent temperature control. This could potentially lead to vaccines and medicines becoming ineffective for use in the treatment of patients as most need to be stored between 2°C and 8°C.

CoolMed have a wide range of medical fridges available to pharmacists and choosing the right one for you will come down to a few key factors, including: the volume of products you need to store, the space available for your fridge and your budget.

Our small medical fridges start at £449.99 + VAT, with medium-sized fridges starting at £899.99 +VAT. All of our fridges are lockable and a 5-year warranty.


All hospitals, whether privately-run or NHS-funded, require refrigerators that are accurate in temperature-control and built to the highest standards to ensure the well-being of their patients.

Hospitals often require large medical refrigerators due to the number of vaccines and medications they administer on a daily basis.

CoolMed offer fridges with a net capacity of up to 480 litres, allowing thousands of vaccines, patient samples and medications to be stored in one secure unit.

Our range also includes small and medium sized fridges, should they be needed, as well as medical freezers, neonatal refrigerators, ward fridges and staffroom fridges.


In laboratories, refrigerators are one of the most important pieces of equipment. Specimens, samples, vaccines and medicines should be kept in low, refrigerated temperatures as this lowers the chemical and biological activity within them.

Only medical-grade refrigerators can provide the temperature control that’s needed to ensure that medicines and vaccines don’t spoil.

Our specialist laboratory fridges go through stringent quality control through each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that they meet the highest industry standards.

CoolMed’s laboratory refrigerators start at £549.99 +VAT and are all provided with 2 locks, adjustable shelves and LED temperature displays.

Purchasing a dedicated medical fridge for your practice may seem expensive but it should be seen as an investment.

The specialist features that come with medical-grade fridges ensure stability and reliability of temperature, as well as extra security for stored products. These are key when it comes to ensuring medicines do not spoil and are safe and secure.