A Guide to Anaesthetic Fridges

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In the landscape of healthcare, correct storage and preservation of anaesthetics is critical for maintaining efficacy and ensuring patient safety. Medical professionals rely on specialised equipment to meet strict temperature requirements. The essential devices that are used to ensure this is are anaesthetic fridges

In this guide, we will explore the key aspects of anaesthetic fridges, also known as medicine fridges, and how they contribute to maintaining the integrity of anaesthetic before use.

The Role of Medical Fridges in Healthcare

Medical fridges are designed to store sensitive pharmaceuticals at precise temperature ranges, including anaesthetic medication before surgery. For most medications, as well as anaesthetics, this temperature range usually falls between +2oC and +8oC, also referred to as the cold chain. These specialised medical refrigeration units are essential for preserving the potency and stability of medication. 

Whilst all medications must be stored correctly, the reliable storage of anaesthetics is paramount. Any compromise in their integrity can have significant consequences during medical procedures, such as patients not being sufficiently sedated. 

Not only can improper storage be unsafe for patients, but it can also be costly for medical practices. If kept incorrectly, anaesthetic can expire in a matter of days, which can be costly when re-stocking medication more regularly. 

Features of Anaesthetic Fridges

Ensuring the optimal performance of anaesthetic fridges requires an understanding of its features. 

These medical-grade refrigerators typically come equipped with advanced temperature control mechanisms, ensuring a consistent and regulated environment. At CoolMed, specific features of our medical fridges for anaesthetic storage include: 

  • An i-Cool built-in temperature probe. This piece of equipment accurately monitors and stabilises drug temperatures, ensuring medications are kept safe for use
  • External digital controller and temperature display, allowing you to monitor the fridge’s internal temperature without opening its door
  • 24/7 automatic temperature data logging with min/max temperature recording and display

Additionally, all models are fitted with alarms to alert healthcare professionals in case of temperature deviations, and two-key locking systems to help further safeguard the stored medications. 

Choosing the Right Anaesthetic Refrigerator

When selecting an anaesthetic fridge, it is crucial to consider the requirements of your healthcare setting. As well as ensuring cold-chain temperatures can be maintained, other factors to consider include storage capacity and regulation compliance.

Storage Capacity 

The anaesthetic fridge you opt for will need to provide the correct storage capacity to suit the level of stock you keep on your premises. For example, a dentist’s surgery that only requires small amounts of anaesthesia for minor dental procedures may only need a small medical fridge

Alternatively, hospital wards that require anaesthesia at all times will likely need something much bigger for safe storage of medications, such as a large medical fridge

At CoolMed, our medical fridges for anaesthetics come in both small, medium, and large sizes. This means we can support the storage needs of most healthcare settings. Further, shelves can easily be removed from our medical fridges, creating sufficient room to meet the requirements of your practice. 

Anaesthetic Fridge Maintenance and Compliance

Regular Maintenance for Medical Fridges

To guarantee the continued efficacy of anaesthetics, regular maintenance of medical fridges is imperative. This involves routine cleaning, temperature checks, and prompt resolution of any issues detected. 

Adhering to a comprehensive cleaning schedule will help to prevent breakdowns and ensure the longevity of your medical fridge. Further, annual servicing ensures your fridge remains in working order, and small issues are resolved early before they have a lasting impact. 

With our annual fridge and freezer servicing contracts, a fully trained EBME engineer will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your medical fridge or freezer and test all major components as part of this service. 

Regulatory Compliance and Certification

Medical professionals must be aware of and adhere to regulatory guidelines governing the storage of pharmaceuticals. Choosing an anaesthetic fridge that complies with industry standards and is certified for medical use is essential. Certification from relevant authorities ensures that the refrigerator meets stringent quality and safety requirements.

With a service and maintenance contract from CoolMed, our engineers ensure that your equipment is in adherence to the NHS Green Book 2013 regulations regarding vaccine and medicine storage.

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When it comes to storing anaesthetics, investing in a high-quality anaesthetic fridge is not just a preference but a necessity. 

By understanding the features, selecting the right model, and adhering to maintenance and compliance measures, healthcare providers can confidently ensure the integrity of anaesthetic medications, contributing to optimal patient care and safety. To find out more about how we can help with supplying your anaesthetic fridges, contact our team at 0161 772 5666, or email us at info@coolmed.co.uk.