A Guide to: Determining What Size Medical Fridge You Need

With a wide range of medical fridges to choose from, it can be hard to determine exactly what size you need.

From small solid door fridges to large glass door fridges, when it comes to medical fridges the options available are widespread.

This guide provides information on the different size medical fridges we supply and their many benefits.

Small Medical Fridges

Although they are ‘small’, don’t let this deceive you! Our small medical fridges are perfect for day-to-day use when it comes to storing vaccines and temperature sensitive medications. 

Designed to fit into compact spaces, our small medical fridges can hold a net capacity of 29l and measure 445 x 485 x 535mm (WxDxH).

Our ‘small’ range is popular amongst a range of industries including cosmetic surgeries, dental surgeries, and veterinary practices. 

Medium Medical Fridges

Our medium size medical fridges are perfect if you plan on storing a large quantity of vaccines or other medications above normal day-to-day usage – they really pack a punch when it comes to storage. If you don’t have space for one of our larger fridges, you’ll still be able to store an ample amount of vaccines and medications in our medium size fridges.

Our medium size refrigerator models are roughly dishwasher size and are designed to fit perfectly beneath a worktop. They have a net capacity of 145l and measure 595 x 595 x 820mm (WxDxH).

You can choose from both solid door and glass door versions of the fridges. No matter which model you choose, you will benefit from highly efficient temperature control and measuring to ensure the internal temperature remains accurate at all times. 

Medium size medical fridges are popular amongst a wide range of industries, including: hospitals, laboratories, veterinary surgeries and dental practices.

Large Medical Fridges

If you run a larger establishment, you will need a large medical fridge that provides the maximum amount of storage space. All our large medical refrigerators offer a vast amount of interior space without taking up excessive space in your medical practice. They are ideal for hospitals and commercial environments with greater storage needs.

Our large medical fridges are provided with 6 internal shelves and are capable of holding a net capacity of 400l. They measure 595 x 695 x 1845mm (WxDxH). We also offer large double door fridges – the largest refigerators in our range – that have a net capacity of 480l and measure 1230 x 655 x 1710mm (WxDxH).

CoolMed Medical Fridges

All our medical fridges feature:

  • A built-in temperature probe that accurately monitors and stabilises drug temperatures
  • An external digital controller and temperature display with battery back-up
  • 24/7 automatic temperature data logging with min/max temperature recording and display
  • Audible and visual temperature alarms; power failure and door open alarms
  • LED energy-efficient lighting
  • Door lock with 2 keys

If you’d like to speak to a member of our team regarding our medical fridges and the sizes we offer, please contact us here.