A Guide to: the Main Features of a Medical Fridge

product features

Temperature Monitoring System

Keep your critical products safe and secure with our high quality drug monitoring device.  This temperature sensor monitors and stabilises the internal temperature of the fridge, so that critical products are not subjected to rises and falls in temperature which may affect them adversely or even render them useless.  The temperatures can be monitored and recorded for reference if required.

External Digital Controller

The digital controller accurately monitors the internal temperature of the appliance and displays it on the LED display located on the front of the control panel.  The controller has battery back-up (in the side panel of the appliance (see Battery Panel) in case of a power failure.  This feature provides you with 24/7 automatic temperature data logging for peace of mind.


All CoolMed products have both audible and visual alarm systems, to warn you immediately of any problems, either with the appliance itself or the surrounding environment.  Audible beeps and flashing of the LED display will warn you if the door has not been closed properly or if there has been a failure in the power supply.


The lamps fitted to all CoolMed products are energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lamps, which not only reduce energy consumption down to a minimum, but are also brighter and considered better for the environment than normal lamps.  There is a switch for the lamp on the front of the control panel, so that the appliance can be operated with the light on or off as required.

Door Lock

A door lock is provided on every CoolMed refrigeration product, to safeguard your contents and prevent the door from being opened unnecessarily.  Each appliance is provided with two keys and replacements are available to order through this website if required.

Cooling Fan

The high quality fan within every CoolMed product stabilises the internal temperature and provides efficient and low-noise cooling.  The fan will cycle on and off as required, together with the compressor, to provide reliable and consistent temperatures.

Shelves and Brackets 

Each CoolMed product is fitted with hight quality grey plastic-coated shelves, supported by a comprehensive and flexible bracket system.  This means that the shelves can be easily moved up and down into whichever position is required, to accommodate larger items or to keep smaller items together in one part of the fridge.  Extra shelves and brackets can be purchased through this website if required.

Battery Panel

Batteries are required for a back-up to the digital controller and LED temperature display, to ensure that they continue to work even if there has been a power failure.  The panel is located on the right side panel of each appliance and 4 x AA batteries are required (not supplied).

Mounting Brackets

CMS/29/CMG29 MODELS ONLY. There are brackets fitted to the back panel of the appliance, to enable them to be mounted on a wall if required.


CMS300/CMG300/CMS400/CMG400 MODELS ONLY.   Castors are fitted to our larger models to assist in manoeuvring these heavy appliances into the required position without causing injury.  The castors are fitted to the rear of the appliance.

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