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A guide to neonatal fridges graphic created by CoolMed. the graphic shows a baby and a baby bottle full of milk.

A Guide to: Neonatal Fridges

In the world of neonatal care, breast milk is often referred to as “liquid gold.”  Its unique composition provides essential nutrients, antibodies, and growth factors,

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A guide to laboratory fridges graphic by CoolMed

A Guide to: Lab Fridges

Lab fridges play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of scientific samples and reagents within laboratory environments. Specialised laboratory fridges are designed to provide

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A Guide to: Pharmacy Fridges

Unlike domestic refrigerators, purpose-built pharmacy fridges are carefully designed to meet both the needs of pharmacists and the safe storage of medicines in line with

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A guide to medical freezers graphic by CoolMed

A Guide to: Medical Freezers

Although not as commonly used within healthcare facilities as medical fridges, medical freezers still play an important role in maintaining public health. Most scientists and

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A guide to RTS cabinets graphic by CoolMed

A Guide to: RTS Cabinets

Many vaccines and medicines require either refrigeration or freezing in order to remain potent, however some medications require “ambient” or “room-temperature” storage conditions. To meet

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A guide to hospital ward fridges graphic by CoolMed

A Guide to: Ward Fridges

The need for specialist medical fridges is essential to provide the best quality patient care.  Providing hospital patients with safe medical care is essential, and

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