A Guide to: Lab Fridges

A guide to laboratory fridges graphic by CoolMed

Lab fridges play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of scientific samples and reagents within laboratory environments.

Specialised laboratory fridges are designed to provide precise temperature control, prevent contamination, and safeguard sensitive materials. Whether you’re working in a research lab, a medical facility, or a pharmaceutical company, understanding the key features and considerations of these fridges is essential.

Why Invest in a Laboratory Fridge?

Biological samples (tissues and DNA), cell cultures, enzymes, and proteins are all highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Storing them in refrigerated conditions, typically between +2°C and +10°C, helps maintain their viability and prevents degradation.

Lab fridges are specifically designed to store sensitive biological products due to their precise temperature control capabilities – something that standard, commercial fridges simply can’t offer.

Here are the features of a laboratory fridge that make them indispensable tools for preserving valuable samples:

Precise Temperature Control & Stability

As mentioned, one of the fundamental requirements of a laboratory fridge is the ability to maintain specific temperature ranges. Biological samples have distinct temperature preferences, and deviations from this range can lead to sample degradation or even render them useless.

Lab fridges are engineered to provide reliable temperature control, typically ranging from +2°C to +10°C, ideal for preserving biological specimens, vaccines, and certain chemicals.

At CoolMed, all our laboratory fridges are fitted with an inbuilt iCool temperature probe that accurately monitors and stabilises sample temperatures within the +2°C to +10°C range.

Alarm Systems

Monitoring the performance of a lab fridge is critical for identifying potential issues and preventing sample loss.

Advanced lab fridges should come equipped with reliable alarm systems that alert users when temperature deviations occur, power failures happen, or door openings exceed safe limits. These alarms serve as early warning signals, allowing lab personnel to take immediate action to rectify the situation and prevent damage to samples.

CoolMed laboratory fridges are fitted with both audible and visual alarms to prevent major temperature fluctuations.


To ensure the safety of samples, most laboratory fridges feature a reliable locking system. CoolMed lab fridges are all designed with a fitted lock that comes with 2 keys for easy, controlled access.

Refrigerator locks ensure only authorised personnel have access to the fridge, reducing the risk of accidental contamination or unauthorised handling of samples.

This feature is particularly important in shared laboratory spaces or environments where sample integrity and confidentiality are paramount.

Uniformity & Air Circulation

To maintain consistent temperatures throughout the interior, lab fridges utilise innovative air circulation systems.

CoolMed lab fridges are designed with advanced air circulation capabilities, ensuring consistent and uniform temperature distribution throughout the interior. The innovative air circulation systems in CoolMed fridges facilitate the even flow of cool air, preventing hotspots and temperature differentials that could compromise sample integrity.

By maintaining a stable and uniform environment, our fridges eliminate the risk of localised temperature variations that may adversely affect sensitive samples. The robust air circulation systems also aid in preventing the accumulation of condensation or frost, further safeguarding the quality of stored materials.

Capacity & Organisation

Lab fridges come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different storage needs.

When choosing a specialist lab fridge, consider the capacity required to store your samples efficiently. Adjustable refrigerator shelving helps optimise the use of space and facilitate easy product organisation.

At CoolMed, our standard lab fridge measures 598 x 595 x 815mm, has a storage capacity of 145 litres, and comes complete with 3 internal, adjustable shelves.

We also offer a laboratory combi fridge freezer, which is the perfect 2 in 1 solution for sample storage.

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Lab fridges are indispensable assets in scientific and medical laboratories, ensuring the integrity and longevity of valuable samples and reagents by providing precise temperature control.

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