Whether it is privately or NHS-funded, most of the 11,000+ modern dental surgeries are a hub of the latest medical advancements, ensuring the very best care of their patients' oral health.  

As dental surgeries can frequently be the site of oral medical operations, it is critical that the storage of important products (which may be temperature-sensitive) is taken care of in a reliable and temperature-stable environment. 

Sometimes, dental practices use regular refrigerators which do not cater for temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccinations. This can result in monetary losses due to products become unusable. By using a medical refrigerator your practice can save money.

CoolMed refrigeration provides reliability and stability for all types of dental practice, with our range of products in different sizes to accommodate every surgery or appliance location. Each dentist fridge comes with a 5-year warranty and is available for next day delivery on request if purchased before 1 pm.  

Although a medical refrigerator may be a bigger investment than the cost of a standard fridge, the return will be made over the course of its life and thanks to the experts who manufacture CoolMed products, this can be up to 10–15 years if cared for correctly.

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Why dental surgeries require dedicated medical fridges:

A high-quality medical refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment found in the majority of dental surgeries across the UK and beyond.

Dental surgeries are often required to carry out emergency oral medical procedures and to do this they rely on certain medicines and drugs.

In most cases, these medicines and drugs need to be stored between a very specific temperature range (usually between +2°C to +8°C) in a dedicated dental surgery refrigerator.

This means that medicines and drugs are kept in the best possible condition and are safe to administer to patients undergoing dental procedures.


Why choose CoolMed for your dental refrigerator:

Unlike other dental refrigerator providers, CoolMed is directly involved in the manufacturing of its units which allows us to ensure each fridge we stock is of the highest quality.

We quality check each fridge at multiply points along the manufacturing line and we are so confident in our products that our dental fridges come with a 5-year warranty.

CoolMed also offers next day delivery on all of our dental medical fridges so you can receive your new unit without incurring any unnecessary delays.


Our dental surgery fridges are packed with features:

CoolMed dental fridges are modern and state-of-the-art. They come packed with a wide range of features as standard including:


  • Door lock with two keys
  • LED energy efficient lighting
  • 24/7 automatic temperature logging
  • Min/Max temperature recording and display
  • External digital controller and battery back-up


Browse the CoolMed dental surgery fridge range:

We stock a great range of dental surgery refrigerators including solid door and glass door varieties, as well as a choice of different sizes. 

So, regardless of your requirements and budget, we are certain one of the dental fridges we stock will perfectly match your needs.