The local doctor's surgery is at the forefront of medical care in the community and therefore it needs to be able to react and serve the community quickly and efficiently. This means that medical supplies, including vaccinations, must be stored correctly on site to ensure they are effective when used.

Doctor's fridges are not only used for vital medicines, but they are also required to store any patient samples which require testing or preserving.

CoolMed products enable the surgeries to operate in a more responsive way to their patients' needs, taking care of vital (and often expensive) drug supplies, which may need to be kept on-site in case of urgent need. 

Thanks to our involvement throughout the manufacturing process, which includes stringent quality control testing, our refrigeration units come with a 5-year guarantee.

Our doctor’s fridges are available in a selection of sizes and we have the perfect fridge for any size of surgery. From compact to large and spacious, each product will keep your critical supplies in a safe and stable condition.

With next day delivery available on all orders placed before 10:00 am if required and the medical fridge ranges starting from as little as £449, a CoolMed fridge could be just what your surgery needs.

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