CoolMed and COVID-19 Preparations

Coronavirus is putting pressure on healthcare practices and practitioners. Below we outline what CoolMed is doing to ensure we are fully prepared.

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt in the UK and beyond, we wanted to update you on our position and what we are doing to help support our customers.

We are monitoring the advice of the World Health Organisation and the Government daily to ensure our staff remain safe and our production line is in motion.

We understand the demand for medical fridges is likely to increase in the coming weeks and months, and our production facility is ready to shift up a gear to meet this demand.

The increase in demand will come in two waves – healthcare practitioners treating Coronavirus patients will need to stock, store and administer more medicines than normal due to the increase in patient numbers.

The second wave will come if a COVID-19 vaccine is developed and made available to healthcare practitioners in the UK.

COVID-19 Vaccine

There is currently no vaccine or approved treatment for COVID-19 but pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and research centers around the world are working hard to develop one. 

Once a suitable vaccine has been established, tested and trialled, it will then be sent to health services to be administered to patients.

The vaccine will likely be in a similar form to the flu vaccine and must be stored in the cold chain to ensure that it remains potent and safe to administer.

This will likely see a significant increase in demand for dedicated medical fridges, which is why we are putting processes in place to ensure we can meet this demand.

Serving our customers and the NHS 

As a member of the NHS Supply Chain, CoolMed already provides goods and services to various public sector organisations across the UK. 

This includes medical fridges that are purpose-built for use in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and medical and scientific research facilities.

Our team of experts remain on hand to talk to customers about any questions they may have regarding medical fridges and what impact COVID-19 might have on the current and future storage of medical supplies.

Remember, a medical fridge should never be more than 75% full, so if you are already at capacity you might consider investing in an additional medical fridge.

The Coolmed team

The Coolmed team are committed to continue operating at full capacity during this uncertain time, to ensure we can serve our current and future customers as the virus continues to put increased pressure on our health service.

The health and wellbeing of our team is incredibly important, and we have now taken measures, in accordance with government guidelines, to reduce the negative impact on our staff and support them where necessary.

Alongside these measures, we have also put in place procedures to ensure our production, warehouse and delivery teams continue to operate as normal. Our website and call centre will also be available for orders and queries, as usual.

These are exceptional times, but we promise to continue to support our customers and the healthcare community.