The Benefits of Choosing a CoolMed Medical Fridge

Choosing the right medical fridge for your needs can be tough. In this post, we explain why our fridges are a cut above the rest.

If you are reading this post you will understand the importance of using a dedicated medical fridge to store vaccines and medicines to maintain the cold chain.

Whether a GP practice, cosmetic surgery clinic, care home or veterinary practice, if you store vaccines and medicines then you must do so in a medical fridge.

But with a number of different medical fridge manufacturers each offering a wide range of fridges, choosing the right one for your needs can be tough.

Here at CoolMed we go to great lengths to support healthcare practitioners and veterinary practices in matching their needs to one or more of our medical fridges.

Below, we explain why CoolMed has emerged as the leading supplier of medical fridges across the UK and beyond.

Sizes to suit all needs:

Here at CoolMed we understand that our customers require different sized medical fridges depending on their medicine and vaccine storage needs.

This is why we stock all available medical fridge sizes and types including small, medium, large, ward and laboratory units as well as neonatal and staff fridges/freezers.

Here is a quick description of the most common:

  • Small – these fridges typically sit underneath a desk or on top of a counter or worktop
  • Medium – these fridges are about the size of a domestic dishwasher
  • Large – these fridges are free standing and offer generous storage space
  • Ward – these fridges come in small, medium and large sizes and are used for storing food on wards
  • Laboratory – these fridges/freezers are designed for storing samples prior and post lab testing

State of the art thermometers:

Every CoolMed fridge comes with a state-of-the-art thermometer that measures the temperature inside of the fridge to ensure the cold chain is maintained at all times.

Our thermometers are hooked up to alarms that sound if the temperature inside the fridge rises above or falls below the cold chain requirement of 2OC to 8Oc.

We also offer thermometers that measure the temperature of the vaccines or medicines being stored inside the fridge.

These thermometers work by placing a probe inside a vial of glycerine which in turn is placed inside the medical fridge providing greater temperature accuracy.

We offer an optional extra of an additional glycerine vial which can wirelessly stream data over any compatible Wi-Fi network and can be viewed on a PC or via a mobile phone app.

Choice of solid door or glass door:

Our medical fridges come with either a solid door or a glass door depending on your requirements.

Glass doors allow you to look inside the fridge without having to open the door which can prove useful when stock taking as it helps to maintain the temperature inside the unit.

Solid doors provide added security and prevent unauthorised persons from being able to see inside. Regardless of which door selected, all of our fridges come with a security lock.

Servicing plans:

Once you have purchased your medical fridge it is important to make sure it is properly maintained. In this regard, we offer a service and maintenance plan.

The plan includes an annual service from a qualified engineer to ensure your medical fridge is working as it should be which in turn helps to prolong its lifespan.


Our medical fridges are covered by a 5-year parts and labour warranty. You can extend this by a further 2 years for just £99. We make it a priority is to promptly replace any faulty components within this period.

Support team always on hand:

Here at CoolMed we pride ourselves on our customer service and we go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive the medial fridge that best meets their needs.

Our team is on hand five days a week and can be contacted via live chat, telephone and email and we have some of the fastest response times.

This, combined with the other factors above, makes CoolMed the market leader when it comes to the manufacture and supply of quality medical fridges.