What Are The Best Medical Fridges

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In this post the CoolMed team explains what features the best medical fridges have as standard and what to look for when selecting the right fridge for your needs

The best medical fridges combine highly accurate temperature control with reliability and efficiency to deliver a superior environment in which to store vaccines and medicines.

It goes without saying that standard domestic fridges must never be used in a professional healthcare environment, but even among medical fridges some are better than others.

CoolMed has established itself as a leading medical fridge manufacturer and distributor since launching back in 2017, securing contracts with major healthcare providers including the NHS.

Below, we discuss what you should look for in a medial fridge and what makes CoolMed medical fridges the best medical refrigerators in the market.

Highly accurate temperature control: 

Medical fridges are designed to ensure that vaccines and medicines are stored within a specific temperature range, usually between +2Oc and +8Oc.

This is known as the cold chain and ensures that vaccines remain in the best possible condition from the point of manufacture to the moment they are administered.

Only the best medical fridges are able to maintain this temperature range at all times as it requires powerful motors and refrigeration technologies.

CoolMed medical fridges not only maintain this temperature range 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but they are also fitted with alarms that sound should the cold chain be broken.

This allows healthcare practitioners to intervene immediately and take the necessary steps required to protect the medicines and vaccinations being stored inside the fridge.

Automated temperature logging:

Temperature logging is a key part of properly storing medicines and vaccines, allowing healthcare practitioners to ensure the cold chain is being maintained at all times.

It is recommended that temperatures be logged at least twice per day, once in the morning and once at the end of the day.

The task of temperature logging should be given to a dedicated member of the team, and they must record the temperature on a dedicated log.

The best medical fridges also come with automated data logging, recording the temperature inside the fridge automatically at various times of the day and night.

Data is recorded on a box and can then be downloaded to a computer or mobile device for analysis.

This provides much more accurate and temperature logging which in turn makes is easier to ensure medicines are being stored within the parameters of the cold chain. 

Glass door or solid door: 

The best medical fridges will give you a choice between a solid door and a glass door – the former provides added security while the latter lets you see inside without opening the door.

Depending on the type of healthcare practice you work in, you may prioritise the extra security over being able to easily see what is being stored inside the fridge.

At CoolMed, all of our fridges are offered as solid door or glass door to ensure that we meet all of our customers’ needs.

A range of sizes: 

The space available for a medical fridge differs from healthcare practice to healthcare practice, which is why the best medical fridges are offered in a range of sizes.

Here at CoolMed, our dedicated medical refrigerators come in small, medium and large sizes so that we can offer our clients a fridge regardless of the space they have.

For example, it might be that a healthcare practice needs to purchase two small medical fridges because they require additional storage but don’t have the space for a large fridge.

If you would like to know more about our range of medical fridges, contact a member of the CoolMed team here.

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