Pharmacy Fridges

Today's pharmacies are a real lifeline within any community and it is essential that the pharmacy can keep all its products safe and secure, until such time as they need to be dispensed. 

There are over 55,000 employed and self-employed pharmacists in the UK, all of whom use pharmacy fridges to store medicines and vaccines.

A temperature-regulated pharmacy fridge is crucial to ensure the medicines and vaccines are stored correctly. An under-performing or broken fridge could result in a huge loss of money due to vaccines and medicines becoming ineffective for use in the treatment of patients.

With CoolMed medical fridges, products can be kept at a stable temperature and secure within a locked refrigeration unit, so that their quality is maintained.  Two keys are provided with every product and extra keys can be ordered through this website if required.

Browse the range of products below, which are suitable for any pharmacy.  The CoolMed product collection ranges in size from small under-counter solutions to large freestanding pharmacy refrigerators. Each size fridge comes in 2 styles, one with a glass door and the other with a solid door, enabling you to choose which is best for your pharmacy.

As a pharmacy fridge is often a time-critical purchase, CoolMed offer next day delivery - and for a small fee will even take your old refrigeration unit away.

Using industry experts to create the perfect pharmacy fridges and with no extra cost going to middlemen, the CoolMed product range is of the highest quality at the lowest prices. Buy your temperature-controlled pharmacy fridge today and receive a free 5-year warranty when you register online within 28 days of purchase.