Organ Donation Week: Organ Preservation For Transplants

Every year, Organ Donation Week serves as a poignant reminder of the incredible gift that organ donors provide to those in need. It’s a time to celebrate the selflessness of donors and the incredible advancements in medical science that make organ transplantation possible. 

Organ donation would not be possible without one crucial aspect of the donation process, organ preservation. Without a reliable preservation process, donated organs would not last long enough to be transplanted safely. To ensure the preservation process remains safe, healthcare professionals use a medical fridge for organ storage. 

The Importance of Organ Preservation

Organ transplantation has changed modern medicine, offering hope and extended life to countless individuals suffering from organ failure. However, for this to occur, organs must be preserved in optimal conditions, between +2°C and +8°C, before transplantation. If stored outside of these conditions, organs can begin to break down rapidly and become unusable for a successful transplantation. 

How are organs preserved? 

The role of medical fridges are paramount for organ preservation. A medical fridge is specially designed for organ preservation, as well as the storage of other temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines. Below, we will highlight the key features of a medical fridge which make it an invaluable piece of equipment during organ preservation for transplantation.

Temperature Control

Organs are highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Even a slight increase or decrease in temperature can compromise their quality and usefulness. Medical fridges are equipped with precise temperature sensors to maintain an even and stable internal temperature. This ensures that organs are kept at their optimal temperature of +2°C – +8°C, and can be used safely for transplantation. 

Our medical fridges are further equipped with external controllers that record minimum and maximum temperatures at regular intervals, meaning you can reliably maintain the perfect storage conditions for preserving organs. 


Organ donations must be kept sterile during storage to remain safe for transplantation. If not, there can be significant implications including organs becoming unusable, or transplant patients developing infections from cross-contamination. 

Our medical fridges are designed to maintain a sterile environment to prevent contamination. The interior of our fridge cabinets is painted aluminium and makes use of plastic-coated wire shelves for storage, meaning the internal chamber can easily be cleaned and sterilised regularly. 

Alarm Systems

As well as being fitted with temperature controllers, organ preservation units should be fitted with a sensitive alarm system. Due to the highly sensitive conditions required for organ preservation, this system will trigger an alarm if the internal temperature of the fridge falls out of the required range of +2°C and +8°C. As a result, medical staff can be alerted immediately to any changes, and issues can be resolved quickly to ensure the usability of the organs. 

How long can organs be preserved in a medical fridge? 

During the process of organ donation, organs may need to be stored for long periods, or transported hundreds of miles depending on where an appropriate donation match is found. As a result, organs must be preserved for as long as possible before transplantation. 

Unlike storing organs at room temperature, medical fridges can extend the preservation time of organs, allowing adequate time for patient transportation, and ensuring the organ is in the best possible condition for the recipient. 

The Role of Organ Donation Week

As we reflect on the importance of Organ Donation Week, it’s not only important to appreciate the technology and systems that make organ transplantation possible but also to raise awareness about the urgent need for more organ donors and to make people knowledgeable about the importance of storing organs correctly to ensure safe organ preservation. 

There are thousands of individuals waiting for a second chance at life, and increasing knowledge of the subject is crucial to saving more lives.

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Organ Donation Week is a time to celebrate the incredible advancements in medical technology that allow organ transplants to happen every day. Organ preservation, supported by medical fridges, is a cornerstone of successful organ transplantation.

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