Understanding medical fridge servicing and calibration

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For healthcare professionals, the reliability of medical fridges is paramount to maintaining the integrity of stored vaccines and medications. To guarantee the consistent performance and longevity of these devices, facilities choose to purchase annual medical fridge servicing and calibration. These services can sometimes be difficult to understand, and it can be unclear as to what they exactly entail. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of medical fridge servicing, and explain how our medical fridge calibration service works.

The importance of professional medical fridge servicing

Medical fridges are vital tools in healthcare settings, responsible for preserving the integrity of medications and vaccines. Given the critical nature of their contents, fridges require regular service appointments. This is to ensure ongoing optimal performance and adherence to regulatory standards.

Professional medical fridge servicing goes beyond simple cleanliness and visual inspections during the working day. Where most healthcare professionals can carry out weekly medical fridge cleaning, professional servicing involves a comprehensive review, and can only be carried out by certified engineers. These checks address various components, including temperature control mechanisms, door seals, and internal airflow systems. 

Regular servicing by qualified technicians will help to identify potential issues before they escalate, ensuring functionality and the safeguarding of any stored medical supplies. As well as this, it can also save you significant costs due to unexpected repairs and can reduce downtime, helping to improve productivity in your practice. 

What is medical fridge calibration?

Medical fridge calibration is a critical aspect of refrigerator maintenance, focusing on the accuracy of temperature settings. A slight deviation in temperature out of the cold chain range (+2oC and +8oC) can compromise the efficacy of medications and vaccines. 

Medical fridge calibration involves adjusting the temperature settings of the fridge to align with regulatory requirements, including the NHS Green Book Regulations. This reassures healthcare providers that sensitive medications are stored within the specified temperature range at all times.

CoolMed annual fridge and freezer servicing 

On the other hand, medical fridge and freezer servicing is a much more comprehensive service. At CoolMed, our annual servicing contracts ensure your medical freezers and refrigerators consistently meet industry regulations and maintain medication efficacy. 

Benefits of our servicing contracts include: 

Safe storage of medications

With our service agreements, you can ensure vaccines are stored within the correct temperature range, helping to keep patients safe. As well as checking your fridge’s temperature settings are in working order, we get rid of any ice build-up, and make sure your fridge is positioned correctly for optimal efficiency.

Cost efficiency

CoolMed offers one of the best value calibration services in the industry from only £135+vat per unit. This means you can stay cost-efficient whilst still maintaining the integrity of your vaccines and medications.

Compliance and expertise 

Our qualified EBME engineers are instrumental in maintaining the optimal functionality of your medical refrigeration units. Our trained experts possess the knowledge to diagnose issues, perform necessary repairs, and conduct calibration procedures. 

Their expertise in industry regulations ensures your units adhere to the NHS Green Book 2013 regarding medication and vaccine storage.


Fully checked and tested, our engineers provide a traceable calibration certificate that is issued upon completion.

Benefits of medical fridge service and maintenance contracts

Service contracts for medical fridges offer a multitude of benefits. 

With a CoolMed service and maintenance contract, you no longer have the worry and stress of booking your appointment on time. These contracts typically include scheduled annual visits, emergency repair services, and calibration checks. If you have more than one CoolMed medical fridge at your practice, our engineers will service these at the same time, saving you time from booking individual appointments. 

By opting for a contract, healthcare facilities can proactively manage the health of their medical fridges, reducing downtime and minimising the risk of drastic temperature fluctuations. 

Book your annual calibration service today

Calibration and servicing for medical fridges ensure consistent performance and offer a proactive approach to healthcare equipment management. 

By investing in annual servicing, healthcare providers can uphold the integrity of their medical supplies, contributing to better patient outcomes and the overall efficiency of medical operations.

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