Many veterinary surgeries store medicines and vaccinations in normal fridges, but this can impact on the effectiveness of the products because normal commercial fridges do not properly regulate the temperature. Purchasing a temperature- controlled fridge may be a larger initial cost, but the investment can save surgeries a considerable amount of valuable budget money over the lifetime of the fridge.

Veterinary surgeries often cater for the emergency medical treatment of sick animals, which is why vaccinations and medicines should be kept in a secure, temperature-controlled environment. When an animal is in pain and needs urgent medical treatment, the local veterinary practice needs to be ready with a wide variety of medical products to cope with whatever that emergency may be.

At CoolMed, we understand that some surgeries are bigger than others, which is why we offer a range of fridges, from small under-counter medical fridges to large stand-alone units. The wide range of sizes means that veterinary surgery can easily keep a range of temperature-critical products in a stable condition at one time, thereby ensuring that all its patients can be treated without delay.

All of the temperature-controlled refrigeration units are manufactured by experts and come with a 5-year warranty. CoolMed understands the importance of these products and therefore they are available with next day delivery if required, plus our delivery team will remove the obsolete refrigeration unit for a small fee if necessary.

Each fridge is available with a solid or glass door and comes with a metal interior and back panel to improve fire ratings. Browse the full range of products and buy your veterinary surgery fridge today.