Pharmacy Fridges

Pharmacies play a crucial role in the community, providing essential medicines to patients in need. It’s imperative for pharmacies to store their products safely and securely to ensure their efficacy and protect patient health. That’s why it’s essential to use specially designed medical fridges that can maintain the temperature within the cold chain (+2ºC and +8ºC).

Our pharmacy fridges are purpose-built to meet the needs of modern pharmacies. They come in various sizes and specifications, ranging from small countertop fridges to large, double-door refrigeration units, to cater to your specific requirements and budget. Our fridges are equipped with advanced temperature control mechanisms, ensuring that drugs and vaccines are stored at the recommended temperature range, preventing spoilage and minimising the risk of patient healthcare issues.

At CoolMed, we understand the importance of reliable pharmacy fridges, which is why our range of fridges is built to the highest standards of quality and performance.

Whether you’re a small independent pharmacy or a large chain, we have a range of fridges to suit your needs. By choosing our pharmacy fridges, you can be confident that you’re investing in a product that will improve your pharmacy’s efficiency and safeguard patient health.

Our commitment to quality is backed by a 5-year warranty covering parts and labour for all pharmacy fridges. We also offer an additional 2-year warranty for just £99.

For more information on pharmacy fridges, read our comprehensive pharmaceutical fridge guide.

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