Appliance is showing a high temperature on the display and the alarm is sounding

Ensure that the door is properly closed and sealing correctly with no obstructions.

Check that the product is not located next to any heat source.

Check the set temperature setting, then disconnect the appliance, leave for a couple of minutes, then reconnect to the power source.

Appliance is not working – no display

Check that the appliance is plugged in and switched on.

Check the electrical socket with a small appliance (eg. hairdryer), to ensure that the socket is working correctly.

Appliance is not maintaining the set temperature

Check that the door is closed properly and that the seal is not blocked or crushed.

Also check that the appliance is not located near any heat source.

Check whether the appliance is overloaded, as this will affect the fridge’s ability to cool effectively.

In case of overloading, remove products and relocate until the appliance has cooled down again to the required temperature.

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