WEEE Compliance

Electrical products designed and manufactured by CoolMed and sold into the European market are all covered by the EU Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste Directive (WEEE). The aims of the directive are to minimise the amount of material entering this waste stream and provide funding for treatment facilities, in order to maximise recovery and recycling.

A key feature of WEEE regulations is the division between products placed into the ‘household’ market and products sold to commercial and industrial customers and how these are to be managed from a regulatory standpoint. Obligation to comply with WEEE falls to the ‘Producer’ who in this case is COOLMED, or its licensed agencies. Each ‘Producer’ must meet the requirements of their respective country’s WEEE Regulations and associated compliance schemes.

Producer Registration Number: WEE/MM3190AA

Through the scheme, Recycling Lives Compliance Services Limited, COOLMED has been registered with the UK Environment Agency and the WEEE placed onto UK market data has been submitted as required.

Our WEEE obligation for products sold into the industrial and commercial market (also known as Business to Business WEEE or B2B WEEE) entails registering with the same compliance scheme as detailed above, thereby providing an end-of-life recycling solution for this stream. As commercial and industrial products are sold into the UK market directly to end-users, this usually means that COOLMED products move beyond our reach for economically providing collection and recycling. Furthermore, COOLMED considers it inappropriate to cover the cost of recycling by adding this to the purchase price of products. We believe that it is simpler and fairer for the costs to be met by end users, at the point when products actually reach their end-of-life.

In order to support this drive for recycling, we have agreed with Recycling Lives Compliance Services Limited for them to provide a collection and recycling service for our customers. COOLMED customers can contact Recycling Lives Compliance Services Ltd direct to arrange for this service and will make payment for the service directly to Recycling Lives Compliance Services Limited.

The contact details for Recycling Lives Compliance Services Ltd are: 

Recycling Lives Centre
Essex Street

Tel: +44 1772 665940
Email:  rlcs@recyclinglives.com