A guide to medical fridges for dental surgeries

The significance of medical fridges designed for dental practices shouldn’t be undervalued. Medical fridges for dental surgeries are not just ordinary refrigerators; they are tailored to meet the unique needs of dental clinics, including maintaining the integrity of medications, vaccines, and perishable materials. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into the essential aspects of medical fridges for dental clinics, their functionalities, and why they are essential for dental surgeries.

Understanding dental fridges

Medical fridges, often referred to as dental fridges in this context, are purpose-built refrigeration units designed to store temperature-sensitive medications, vaccines, and dental supplies. 

Unlike conventional household refrigerators, dental fridges offer precise temperature control to ensure the preservation of sensitive items.

Importance of medical fridges in dental surgeries

In dental surgeries, the efficacy of medications is crucial for successful procedures and patient safety. 

Dental fridges play a pivotal role in maintaining the potency of anaesthetics, antibiotics, and other pharmaceuticals used in dental treatments. They provide a suitable environment for storing vaccines, impression materials, and blood products, safeguarding them from degradation and contamination.

Key features to consider when purchasing a dental refrigerator

When selecting a medical fridge for a dental practice, several factors need to be taken into account:

Temperature control 

Dental fridges offer precise temperature control within the range recommended for storing medications and vaccines. This is typically between +2°C and +8°C.

CoolMed medical refrigerators come equipped with a built-in iCool temperature probe that accurately monitors and stabilises the fridge’s internal temperature. This ensures that medications are stored in optimum conditions. 

As a secondary form of temperature monitoring, our remote data loggers report the surrounding temperature of your medical fridge, accurately to 0.5°C. 

Uniform cooling

The even distribution of cold air throughout the interior of a medical fridge contributes to consistent temperature levels and prevents hot spots or fluctuations that could compromise the stored materials.

We offer a full range of medical fridges for dentists, including countertop, under-counter and free-standing styles. We also offer these styles in a range of sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. This allows us to offer equipment that correctly accommodates the amount of space you need to store your medications effectively. 

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are an effective safety precaution that prevents unwanted intruders from gaining access to valuable medical stock and can also alert medical staff to any drastic fluctuations in temperature. 

CoolMed advanced medical fridges are equipped with audible and visual temperature alarms that alert staff to deviations out of the set temperature range. This minimises the risk of spoilage or loss of efficacy.

Locking mechanisms

Security is paramount in dental practices to limit access to only authorised personnel. 

Our dental fridges are fitted with 2-key locking systems, ensuring medications are only accessible to authorised personnel.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency should be a key consideration when purchasing a dental refrigerator to reduce your operating costs while minimising environmental impact.

At CoolMed, our medical fridges are built with energy efficiency in mind. Only using 219 KW/year and LED energy-efficient lighting, we offer optimum energy efficiency without compromising on quality. 


Additionally, consider the storage capacity of your medication fridge to ensure it meets the specific needs of your practice, such as shelving options for organising different types of medications and supplies.

Inside our fridge interiors, we use plastic-coated wire shelves that can easily be removed to suit the storage needs of your surgery. 

Maintenance and compliance

Regular maintenance and compliance with regulatory standards are imperative to ensure the reliability and safety of dental fridges. This includes routine temperature monitoring and calibration checks.

Our fridge and freezer calibration service, carried out by EMBE engineers, keeps your products and patients safe. Find out more about our annual services by visiting our CoolMed Calibrations page

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Dentist fridges are essential pieces of equipment in dental surgeries, preserving the integrity of medications, vaccines, and biological materials.

By investing in a high-quality medical fridge tailored to the unique requirements of dental practices, practitioners can uphold the highest standards of patient care, safety, and regulatory compliance. 

To find out more about our medical fridges for dental practices, contact us at +44 161 772 5666 or info@coolmed.co.uk. Our team will be happy to help!