How to Store Vaccines Properly

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Vaccines need to be stored correctly to ensure their integrity. If you do not store them correctly, which includes keeping them at exactly the right temperature, they can be ruined, causing serious financial losses.

So how should they be stored correctly? Here is a guide to the main factors to consider when storing any vaccine.

Always Use a Medical Fridge

For a start, vaccines must be stored in a high-quality vaccine fridge. These are different from standard domestic fridges, in that they are designed specifically for vaccines and medicines. As a result, they have much more accurate temperature control settings to ensure the vaccines are kept at the specific temperature they need to be effective.

They also come with other features like alarms to alert you when the temperature changes, so you can prevent them from becoming too warm. Always store your vaccines in a medical fridge to maintain their integrity and avoid large financial loss caused by the vaccines being ruined, because they have been stored at the wrong temperature.

Store in Protective Packaging

Always store the vaccines in their original packaging. This will keep them safe. Some vaccines are also sensitive to light, so it is essential to keep them dark. It also makes it much easier for the user to find the vaccines they need.

Store Vaccines in the Correct Position

Even if you are using a medical fridge, it is still important to ensure that they are stored in the correct position and there are a number of guidelines to keep in mind, as follows. 

First of all, the vaccines should not be touching the back wall because this can affect the accuracy of the temperature control.

Also, ensure that there is at least one centimetre between each vaccine. Again, this will help to make sure the temperature stays accurate.

Finally, do not store too many vaccines in the fridge at the same time. If you overfill the fridge, the temperature control becomes less accurate; the maximum capacity should be 75%.

Do Not Store with Anything Else

Vaccines and other drugs must be stored on their own and you should never make the mistake of storing them with other items – especially food and drink. This is unhygienic and the vaccines need to be kept in a clean environment. It can also affect the temperature control, so it should always be avoided.

Audit Vaccines Monthly

 No matter where the vaccines are stored or how secure they are, always carry out a monthly audit. This helps to ensure that they are all there (theft can sometimes be a problem) and that you will immediately become aware of any problems.

It is also a good opportunity to check that they are all in good condition and that they are being stored at the correct temperature.

Always Keep Vaccines at the Correct Temperature

This is absolutely critical. Vaccines may need to be stored at different temperatures depending on the type of vaccine, but the correct temperature should always be maintained. 

Check the temperature regularly and make sure the fridge is in good working order. The fridge should also have an alarm to warn about temperature changes. With a good quality fridge from a trusted manufacturer, keeping the temperature accurate is much easier.

Always Store Vaccines Correctly

Storing vaccines correctly is essential if you want to ensure that they stay in good condition and can be used safely. Vaccines can be very expensive; if you do not store them correctly and they become damaged or lost as a result, this can lead to a big financial loss.

To store your vaccines properly, always invest in a good quality medical fridge that will keep them at the right temperature.

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